Dutch breeder “DeRuiter” expands on the 4×4 concept

Every year, DeRuiter creates many new Rose varieties and the breeder never shies away from also introducing challenging varieties to be recognized in the market.

This was the main idea behind as to how we could help the growers and their customers to promote these new varieties.

After many conversations, the breeder concluded the 4 colors most demanded during the year are pink, white, yellow, and red. With that in mind, the idea was born to create a special box to include these 4 colors in a very attractive presentation that growers and wholesalers could promote with their customers.

So how were the varieties selected?

When people hear the terminology of “4×4”, they think of “strong”, “sturdy”, and “built to last”. With those qualities in mind, varieties were chosen that matched those descriptions. So the breeder looked for varieties that traveled well, opened nicely, lasted long in a vase to maximize enjoyment for the end-user.

A special box was even designed to market this innovative concept.

Cupido, Super Sun, Opala, and Snow Bliss were originally included for the “4×4” program. A second group of varieties was recently established to give growers more options when it came to determining what varieties to pack in the box. This second group consists of Born Free, Idole, Nena, and Proud.

The box shown in the picture above includes 25 stems of each of the 4 colors (red, pink, yellow, and white). Depending on the preference of the customer, the box can be packed 50, 60, and 70 cm.

Each participating farm is able to include their own logo on every box as well, giving the farm the ability to still personalize their “4×4” box.

The following farms that have implemented the 4×4 marketing program are:

Anniroses (salesmanager@anniroses.com)
La Rosaleda (ma.cristina@larosaleda.com.ec)
Foreverflor (fernanda@foreverflor.net)
Ok Roses (okroses@uio.satnet.net)
FlorEloy (sales@floreloy.com)
Floraroma (info@floraroma.com.ec)

Potentially joining the program for 2020, are the following farms:

Rosaprima (andrea.grijalva@rosaprima.com)
Ecuaroscanada (anamaria@ecuaroscanada.com)
Valleverde (sales@valleverderoses.com)
Agrocoex (sales@agrocoex.net)
Agrivaldani (salesval@florpaxi.com)

For additional information please contact Juan Pablo Rengifo via email.

Below please see photographs for the 8 varieties that are currently part of the 4×4 program, displayed alphabetically.

Born Free






Snow Bliss

Super Sun