For our first “Grower in the Spotlight” segments, we selected Eternal Flower, located in Ecuador.


We recently caught up with Adrian Moreano, sales manager of Eternal Flower. Adrian is pictured left in the above image; next to his brother Andres, who is the farm manager at Eternal Flower.

Adrian, please tell us why and when did you start in the Flower Business?

We started the farm in September 1998, after buying an existing flower farm that was for sale by a trading group. We decided to go into the flower business because at that time it was a still newly growing industry with many challenges for the future.

Which do you believe – in general – has been the greatest change in the floral business in the past 5 years?

The greatest change, in my opinion, has been the increase in e-commerce because of the development of technology and communications around the world.

About your current primary export destination, which is considered your own competitive advantage that Eternal Flowers is currently exploring?

Our main strength is the good service to our customers based on premium quality flowers produced on our farm. At Eternal Flower, the production of flowers is an art which is a combination of specialized hand labor, technology, knowledge, and determination to grow the best summer flowers. We adjust our company to the needs and requirements of our customers.

How important do you find the diversification in products and markets to meet the current customer’s needs?

For Eternal Flower, it is one of the most important issues to have a good and diversified product to offer to the markets that we are approaching. In the past years, we have focused on selecting new varieties of Hypericum to gain new markets and be more competitive. We are always testing new products which can be grown in the area where the farm is located. On the other hand, to have a diversification of markets is extremely important for a balance in sales during the 12 months of the year. The combination of sales between the northern and southern hemisphere has given us the opportunity to reach a constant sales in our company.

What do you consider important, technology improvement and update in the flower business?

If we want to be competitive in the present market, considering the extremely high production costs that we have in Ecuador, especially in labor, we must find ways to mechanize most of our processes and rely on technology. Through the years many more countries have entered in the flowers business with better costing conditions than ours in Ecuador, this factor has pushed us to look further in the future on how to be better and more efficient on production, without affecting the quality of our product. In order to reach this target, we must acquire more technology and machinery to use at the farm.

How do you think the tendencies in colors, novelties, and varieties have influenced your decision-making process in Eternal Flower and in the floral industry in general?

Color tendencies and trends of new flower products have always been a big decision making in our industry. We have always been looking and testing new products through the request of our customers and the feedback that we receive by participating in flower shows around the world. It takes a lot of time to introduce a new product to the market. The investment is costly and with a very high risk of not being successful. It is very important to have the breeder´s support of this matter. At Eternal Flower, we work with a yearly planning of colors according to the holidays. For Valentine’s Day and Christmas, we plant more red and green colors. The same will happen during the Fall season in the American market.

What advantages does the participation in floral shows or open houses bring to your company?

The participation of flower shows is one of Eternal Flowers the biggest strengths. Our customers expect to see and meet us at the various trade shows. It´s the best way of showing our products, new varieties, and especially for feedback on possible new products. The networking done at shows is the most enriching connection with the flower industry and the best investment in exhibiting our products in the markets. It is also the best way to open new markets for our flowers.

Thinking about the future, how does Eternal Flower see themselves in the short and long run? What would be the main goal to achieve?

We see Eternal Flower as the best-established farm of summer flowers with the best quality products and novelties. At the moment we are working on a new product which will have a very high success in the specialized flower market.

Last but not least, please tell us why importers and wholesalers should be buying your product?

As said before, our strength is the excellent service and product is the most important factor on why customers should buy from Eternal Flower. We have worked hard on growing the best quality Gypsophila and with the new upcoming varieties of Hypericum, clients will be looking forward to buying from us.

Thank you, Adrian, for participating in our first segment of “Grower in the Spotlight”.