For our very first Rose of the Month variety, we chose Frutteto, a brand new light pink from Holland’s leading Rose breeder: De Ruiter Innovations.
There is always an excessive number of new varieties as Rose breeders compete with each other to bring you “the next best thing“, hoping you will ask growers for it by name, forcing them to innovate – with their varieties. For this section we try to really take many things into consideration: is the Rose actually worth the coveted title of being a “Rose of the Month”. You can rest assured that we have personally done extensive testing, looked at the characteristics of the variety, and compared it to other varieties in the same class and/or color palette.  Additionally, we have verified that the variety is grown by enough growers to make sure it can handle a good level of increased popularity because of the video we created.

We first photographed Frutteto for the OnlineFlowerSearch Flower Gallery in September 2016, and we were impressed with it from the get-go. One of the things we noticed every time was the consistency throughout the various stems that were tested. A lot of times you have some stems that do well while other stems perform less, but with Frutteto ALL tested flowers performed great.

Industry veterans might remember a variety like Rosita Vendela, while newer substitutes include Pink Mondial. Because of the color and the way it opens, we feel it’s going to be a favorite for many different purposes, and many different types of customers will fall in love with this variety. The shade of pink of Frutetto is similar to a Titanic, but Frutetto does not have the challenges as far as opening and popping heads that Titanic does, and Titanic also does not have the greenish outer petals that so many people these days are desiring.

Even though Frutteto is a brand-new variety, we have confirmed many growers having added this variety in their current lineup, so availability going forward should not be a major issue.

Please watch this video to get an in-depth look at this exquisite variety, and why you should ask for it by name the next time you have a need for a light pink Rose.


For more information on how to source this rose, please contact Diego Chiriboga, located in Ecuador.

We hope everybody liked this little review and we’re looking forward to keeping this new tradition going.

Thank you!