Bleached Flowers – The Top Floral Trend Continues

Bleached flowers will probably not be the first to come to your mind when you’re thinking about floral arrangements for your home, but they absolutely should be! They are a gorgeous, unique and stress-free alternative to fresh blooms. Bleached flowers have gone through a special preservation process to turn them white.
Let’s look at why bleached flowers have risen to the top of the 2019 floral trends, and continue to go strong in 2020:

They last forever (well, almost!)
The great thing about bleached flowers is the fact that they have a long shelf life – they last months or even years and won’t wilt (or even worse, die) as their fresh flower counterparts will. Bleached Flowers are used in a wide variety of purposes; from Wreaths to Christmas Decor, and from Centerpieces to Bridal Bouquets.

Dried Bleached Italian RuscusThey are oh-so-beautiful
We’re in love with the beautiful muted sun-bleached tones and variety of textures of bleached flowers that makes for some pretty wow-worthy arrangements. These flowers are also so light and airy that they flutter with a slight breeze through the window. How magical is that?

They make for great wedding flowers
Bleached flowers have made their way into weddings, too. Bleached flowers are being used for bridal bouquets – either exclusively or paired with fresh flowers, as well as for boutonnieres, backdrops, hanging flowers and centerpieces. What’s more, Mandy Moore got married under an arch of bleached flowers and carried a bouquet of bleached pink flowers at her wedding!

It’s time to fall in love with bleached flowers
Whether you need these bleached flowers to design your dream living space, make your big day all the more special, coordinate a high-end luxury event or style an editorial shoot, we can help you get the highest-quality bleached flowers that will empower you to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The image displayed above is the Dried Bleached Italian Ruscus. Here are some additional pictures of the most popular bleached items available at your local wholesale florist:

Dried Bleached Pampas Grass Dried Bleached Pampas Grass

Dried Bleached Euca Dried Bleached Euca

Dried Bleached Briza Dried Bleached Briza

Dried Bleached Oats Dried Bleached Oats

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