DeRuiter, Holland’s leading Rose breeder, is starting a special marketing program with the growers under the name of “4×4”.

The idea is that growers plant all 4 varieties, so it can get marketed from the grower, all the way to the retail florist.

The 4 varieties in this program are: Cupido, Super Sun, Snow Bliss, and Opala.

  • Cupido is a luxurious red rose, brand new to the market, and a real contender to become the next big red rose.
  • Snow Bliss is an amazing vanilla-white garden type rose. It opens incredible!
  • The third variety is Super Sun, a golden daffodil yellow. It’s a slow opener, and it performs great.
  • The 4th variety is Opala, a very nice bubble-gum pink. We have tested Opala along with the other 3 varieties and received rave reviews.
  • All 4 varieties combined will cover every grower’s basic color needs for an ever-changing market.

DeRuiter has even designed a special box that participating growers can use to help brand these 4 varieties. We obtained a sample image which you can see below.

We are excited to start marketing this directly to the flower shops via our network of wholesale florists, and we applaud De Ruiter for starting this brand-new marketing initiative.

The Ecuadorian flower show, called Flor Ecuador, will be open this week from September 19-21th. If you are lucky enough to be in Ecuador this week to visit the two flower shows, De Ruiter can be found at Stand E08 Bicentenario Park.


For growers, please contact Juan Pablo Rengifo Peñafiel and Marcelo Vallejo for more information.

For wholesalers who are interested to start marketing this exciting program, please contact Diego Chiriboga.