Hydrangeas have enjoyed great popularity in the market ever since they started being grown commercially on a larger scale in Medellin, Colombia about 10-15 years ago. The climate and altitude seem to be conducive to these Colombian-grown Hydrangeas. Besides the more basic colors and varieties that are grown in Colombia, neighboring Ecuador has been experimenting with the novelty colors. Peter Kolster, a Dutch breeder, has been working diligently with a farm in Ecuador (Flower Village) to find some suitable varieties that are not dependent on the separate growing season in order to produce a flower that can be profitably grown for the US market. These Hydrangeas, marketed under the “Magical” series, are showing real potential. We have personally received these Hydrangeas in Atlanta and have done some in-depth testing. We were really impressed with the product. Longevity and color all appeared to be very good. Pictured below are Magical Rejoice, Magical Inspiration, and a view from inside one of the greenhouses where the Hydrangeas are being produced, hydroponically. At this moment 9 different Magical Hydrangea varieties have been trademarked. We visited this farm twice in the last 4 months and are impressed with how the project is coming along! The Hydrangeas from Ecuador seem to be much more hardy to the touch (similar to Dutch Hydrangeas), versus what is available in Colombia.

Hydrangeas have been the fastest growing product group these last few years. The flower continues to enjoy a lot of popularity amongst all types of customers and can be used in a wide array of arrangements. According to Victor Ponce, who oversees the project in Ecuador, it’s very conceivable that more than 10 hectares of these “Dutch” Hydrangeas will be planted within the next 10 years. They are targetting this product between the Colombian and the Dutch Hydrangeas.

For more information on how to source this flower, please contact Diego Chiriboga, located in Ecuador.


Hydrangea-pink-closeup Hydrangea-light-pink-closeup