Dutch Tulip grower reveals new variety “Stay Strong”

People must have thought it was fake when they saw this massive undertaking, but it wasn’t. Dutch Tulip grower Joris Schouten started thinking about a name for his new variety, and he came up with “Stay Strong”. Very fitting of course, with what’s going on in the world with COVID-19 today. For weeks he thought of unique ways to market and introduce this new variety, and he came up with the concept of creating text into his Tulip fields, along with the outline of a fist accompanied by two Tulips.

After the idea was born to “write” the words into his Tulip fields, Joris hired a company to help him with the actual execution of his plan. To obtain the best outlines of the letters, they placed 300 sticks into the ground, interconnected with rope. Then they knew exactly where they had to remove the heads of the Tulips, with only the green foliage remaining inside the frame they established with the rope. All this produced exactly the “Stay Strong” words as they had envisioned from the beginning.

The result was quite spectacular in this field that contained almost 5 million Tulips. And to make it official they asked Jenny Groen, a first responder from Amsterdam, to do the honors of christening the new Tulip.

More information on this new variety can be found by clicking here.

Introduction Tulip Stay Strong
From left to right: Jhon Koopman, Piet van Kampen, Joris Schouten, Floor van Paassen, Jenny Groen, and Frank Timmerman. © Kwekerij S. Schouten

Well done guys!

Tulip Stay Strong

Tulip Stay Strong