This past weekend 546,364 roses were used to create the largest floral arrangement in the world.

This floral sculpture was made to look like a replica of one of the pyramids of Cochasquí, located in the Archaeological and Scientific Research Park near Tabacundo, a town an hour north of Quito.

The attempt to build this sculpture began on Saturday, July 14. It took the team almost a week to complete the project. In total, about 150 farms donated Roses for this masterpiece.

An internal irrigation system was installed to keep the Roses fresh, ensuring that the flowers would not wilt for at least two weeks.

In total 300 boxes of Oasis were used with the creation of this colossal floral sculpture.

The previous record was set at 170,000 stems, held by Germany.

Ecuador is the third largest flower producer in the world after Holland and Colombia. The main markets are the United States, Russia, and the European Union.

Ecuador’s flower industry employs about 85,000 people. In the Tabacundo area alone, about 40,000 people are employed by the flower industry.

We congratulate Ecuador with this milestone!

Please enjoy the below pictures! (images approved for use on this site via Diego Chiriboga)