Online Flower Search just finalized a very exciting and prestigious list of what they are calling the “Fabulous 50″; essentially a list of what they perceive as the 50 best Rose varieties in the market today. For more than 15 years, Online Flower Search has been maintaining its online database of flowers along with photographs and product videos, which was a segment that was added almost 2 years ago.

This final list of their 50 best Rose varieties has been created with the assistance of many people in the flower business, and they pride themselves for keeping this final list totally objective throughout the process.

Please click on the below image to see which Rose varieties are included in this first version of the Fabulous 50!

Fabulous 50

For more information on how to source any of these Roses, please contact Diego Chiriboga, located in Ecuador.

For information or feedback on how this final list of varieties was compiled, please contact Rene Streng.