For July we wanted to highlight GREY KNIGHTS, a variety by DeRuiter.

It’s a beautiful silvery lavender and performs very nicely. Of course there are many other lavender varieties available in the market today, but Grey Knights is an awesome choice.

Additionally, we wanted to come up with a comprehensive lineup with several lavender Rose varieties that are currently being grown. Please enjoy the video, and check out the pictures below for more details.

Rose Grey KnightsGrey Knights:
a good performer, typically nicely priced, good stem length and many growers have Grey Knights in production





Rose TiaraTiara:
a beautiful color, but much shorter stem lengths and low availability





Rose Ocean SongOcean Song:
an older lavender variety, which typically produces shorter stems





Rose Cool WaterCool Water:
perhaps the oldest lavender rose still in the market today, with good availability. Cool Water is just a bit darker versus the lighter silvery lavender color that so many brides are desiring at the moment




Rose Moody BluesMoody Blues:
another darker lavender with rosy guard petals






For more information on how to source this rose, please contact Diego Chiriboga, located in Ecuador.

We hope everybody liked this little review and we’re looking forward to keeping our tradition going.

Thank you!