new Hydrangea packaging will save money and increase longevity

Almost two years ago, we saw these new Chrysal bags for the first time. The features of this product are as follows:

  • Keeps flowers fresh during transport
  • No water inside the box decreases the risk for botrytis
  • Less handling, damage, labor with the absence of the typical water bag

Check out this short video showing how to properly apply the use of these Chrysal bags:

The Chrysal Freshliner is a packaging system that controls the moisture inside the box. It is used for long-distance transportation by growers and international transport companies. The use of the Chrysal Freshliner is easy, convenient, and without water. Transporting the Hydrangeas without water ensures many benefits. The boxes will remain dry, clean, and sturdy during transportation. Also, the transport weight will be reduced, therefore, freight costs will be less as well since there is no need to add individual water carriers – the typical plastic bags everybody is used to seeing on the ends of the stems. Most importantly, transporting the Hydrangeas without the water reduces the risk of Botrytis, guaranteeing fresher flowers and firmer leaves on arrival.

This is what a box looks like when the wholesale florist receives Hydrangeas packaged in the Chrysal bags: