Amarine Belladiva Minerva
Is it an Amaryllis? Or is it a Nerine? Amarines are actually from the Nerine family, but the flowers are much larger than regular Nerines. Amarines have been around for quite some time, since 2013, but are only recently being grown in Ecuador which makes this beautiful flower more accessible to the US market. The pink flowers appear like a spidery Amaryllis. They look like a Nerine but Amarines are larger with broader petals which are held on taller stems up to 2.5 feet. The magnificent display lasts exceptionally well. Belladiva Amarines are available in white, pink, dark pink, and light pink, with the pinks being most prevalent. From Ecuador, they are currently being grown year-round. Ask your flower supplier for them by name! The two most available varieties at the moment are Minerva and Aphrodite. The picture displayed above is Minerva, while the Aphrodite is a lighter pink.

The bulbs of the Amarines are also available to plant in your garden as a perennial!

For more information on how to source this flower, please contact Diego Chiriboga, located in Ecuador.