new product report: Butterfly Ranunculus (with VIDEO)

Butterfly Ranunculus enters the market with a splash

Butterfly Ranunculus is a beautiful flower that you may not be familiar with today, but you will soon. This product is quickly gaining popularity around the world! Despite its delicate appearance, Butterfly Ranunculus has a surprisingly long vase life, usually lasting up to 2 weeks, possibly even more with proper care. Butterfly Ranunculus has a high bloom count per stem with blooms and buds at various stages. Just remove the spent blooms and the other buds will continue to open in a continuous fountain of flowers.

With fewer layers of petals than a traditional Ranunculus – sometimes just a single layer – the Butterfly Ranunculus provides a soft, wildflower look with lots of character and movement that is perfectly on-trend with what we’re seeing on social media from the top floral designers and design trends across many popular styles. This versatility makes the Butterfly Ranunculus an ideal selection to please a range of clients in multiple demographics and only furthers to drive its growing popularity.

The Butterfly Ranunculus is a wonderfully versatile and beautiful species. It can be used on its own for a lovely minimal modern look using the negative space around the flowers and stems to highlight the almost sculptural form. Butterfly Ranunculus works well for adding texture to full and luscious wedding arrangements and is perfect for wildflower bouquets. It can also be incorporated into an elegant garden, bohemian, and rustic style designs, all of which are very popular at the moment.

The Butterfly Ranunculus is perfect for any occasion and comes in a variety of shades of pink, yellow, orange, peach, cream, and red. Some varieties change color that fades from a light pink edge to a pearly cream as they age in the light. The petals have a beautiful waxy sheen, some with metallic flecks that catch the light and sparkle like a butterfly’s wing, it can’t help but catch one’s eye.

There are several floral growers around the world that supply Butterfly Ranunculus, with product coming out of Holland, Japan, Chile, North America (California), Portugal, and Italy. Popular American grown varieties that are most commonly available include ARIADNE (soft pink, creamy blush), HADES (red), MINOAN (orange), THESEUS (peach), and ARTEMIS (yellow).

Growers report this flower acclimates well to the Northern California climate well and it appears there is a very hopeful future for the Butterfly Ranunculus in the floral industry. There are already several popular varieties, and breeders such as AYA ENGEI, an award-winning Japanese Ranunculus breeder, are sure to develop more amazing varieties as the flower’s fame continues to grow.

Below are some vase and individual pictures of some popular varieties.











Photo Credit Courtesy of Monarch Flowers (Holland) and Sun Valley Group

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