Last year, Netflix already brought us The Big Flower Fight. Now it is HBO Max who has launched a brand new reality competition series, with an eye-popping $100,000 prize! Debuting on November 12th, it is an eight-episode series that features ten florists from around the United States fiercely competing in creative and artistic floral design challenges that stretch your imagination.

It is full of fun, high intense energy, and packed with drama while showcasing the hard work and passion involved in creating floral art. The contestants accept two themed challenges per episode picking from the best flowers and transforming these flowers into art. Some of the challenges include managing flowers at events and weddings, replicating works of art, and turning everyday items into displays for flowers. As a viewer, you will learn valuable tips for designing and care for the flowers.

The fate of these florist rest in the hands of three judges, well-known in the floral design world: Simon Lycett, arranges flowers for Queen Elizabeth II, Maurice Harris worked with Beyonce, and Elizabeth Cronin created flowers for Lady Gaga and the Obamas. The judges are judging on technique, design, and wow factor to determine the winner of this truly unique competition.

Sit back and see what all the buzz is about and enjoy the display of budding talent in this show.

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Full Bloom promotion (Photo credit: HBO Max and YouTube)
Contestants at work on Full Bloom (Photo credit: HBO Max and YouTube)
Floral mastermind, host and judge of Full Bloom, Maurice Harris (Photo credit: HBO Max and YouTube)