Eremurus or Fox Lilies is a dramatic perennial, guaranteed to prompt “Wooooow! What are those?” responses.

Chris Hedgepath, an avant-garde designer in Atlanta, recently supplied us with some awesome pictures we wanted to share with you on this post.

Eremurus vase

Featuring several pictures of one of our customer’s creations, this free-lance designer uses the best flowers available at Cut Flower Wholesale, his preferred local wholesale florist, for his corporate weekly clients.

Eremurus vase

He chooses the most unique, long lasting, seasonal products available to him to create his next masterpiece.

Eremurus vase in foyer

His customers very much appreciate his creative additions to the public areas; his weekly creations always become subjects of conversation.

Eremurus vase

The availability of Eremurus is typically from the end of May until the middle of July.