Rose Toffee

With the rise of social media constantly fueling and encouraging creativity around the world, trends come and go faster than ever. We try to bring you information about the latest “trending” styles in the floral design world.

One style that is growing in popularity is “tea stain.” Tea stain has been a favorite technique in mixed media artwork and custom-made paper designs for many years and is now gaining popularity in the wedding world. This trend creates a soft, vintage look that designers and DIY’ers are using in all aspects of their creations, from custom dyed wedding dresses and veils to linens and wedding invitations.

The tea stain trend is inspiring a shift to floral designs heavy in earth tones and focusing on a rich array of textures, rather than bold colors. Many flowers used for these designs must be dyed to achieve this look. There are many flowers currently being tinted or dyed with shades of brown, including Tulips, Calla Lilies, Ranunculus, Anemones, and Carnations. However, some flowers are naturally perfect for this style, like this exceptional Rose called “Toffee”.

Rose Toffee is a beautiful earth tone rose that is becoming very popular, and it was one of the highest demand Rose at the end of 2018 and requests are only growing for 2019. Rose Toffee is a perfect rose to match to a tea stain themed design. Rose Toffee is a rich, tan, light brown rose. It is a shade of light brown with some warmth to the coloration with blush and orange hints in its varied hue. It is described as “dusty caramel,” “dark butterscotch,” and “toasted nut” in color, it is truly unique and somewhat challenging to describe accurately, a must see in person!

Rose Toffee opens beautifully for great coverage, and the color becomes more abundant and pronounced as the bud opens. Toffee typically has a strong stem and an excellent vase life. Though the head size is not large, it makes an impact due to its unique coloration and beautiful shape. The shape of Rose Toffee can vary somewhat as some of the stems have a double center. Toffee is genuinely an exceptional rose, and there is no perfect substitution, but if it is unavailable, Rose Combo, Cappuccino or Quicksand might be an acceptable substitute in its place.

Due to the popularity of this rose, be sure to place your orders with your wholesaler early to ensure that requests can be filled. At this time, there are few growers of this variety, but high demand will hopefully encourage growers to plant more Toffee Roses for the future. Be sure to check in for more updates on the latest floral trends!

We have identified some Wholesale Florists that are planning on carrying this particular variety, so feel free to contact them, but make sure you give them plenty of notice to source this unique variety, as this variety is currently only available on standing order basis:

The above arrangement featuring Toffee Roses was designed by Bill Hattel CFD, AIFD.

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