State Flower – Maryland (MD)

We’re excited to start a new series, about all the different state flowers in the United States.

USA flagSince the beginning of civilization, flowers and flower images were used as symbols representing flourishing communities. It’s an old-fashion form of advertising that is still used today. Each state proudly declares an official state flower.

Our country holds a wide array of beautiful Flora and Fauna, our 50 states all have their own splendid and unique ecosystems. Over the years, each state has selected a state floral emblem to represent these environments and highlight the natural beauty and character of the state. Some states even have 2 or more state flowers in different categories they have chosen, like state wildflower and state cultivated flower. Flowerbuzz will be highlighting these state flowers in the coming months.

We will begin our weekly segment with the state floral emblem of Maryland: The Black-Eyed Susan, a summer native wildflower.

The Black-Eyed Susan, named for its dark brown-purple center, is a cheerful yellow wildflower. A Black-Eyed Susan is very similar in shape to a daisy with the coloration of a sunflower, so it should come as no surprise that it is a member of the sunflower family. It grows wild in open fields and along roadsides all over the state of Maryland, which declared it the official state floral emblem in 1918. Black-Eyed Susan is drought and heat tolerant therefore it can bloom from May through September depending on the climate where they are planted. Once planted they will reseed themselves after the first year and you’ll have flowers for years to come!