State Flower – Vermont (VT)


Vermont is a picturesque state blanketed in beautiful forests, wild mountains, and lovely farmlands. In 1894, when the state was inspired to declare a state floral emblem, the farms of the state campaigned heavily for Red Clover to be chosen – and ultimately it was. Red Clover is actually not originally native to North America. It was brought over by European settlers in colonial times. Red clover is native to Europe and Asia where it is a wild-growing perennial.


Red Clover is a common sight in Vermont in hayfields, along roadsides, highways, and hiking trails. This legume is a favorite among livestock and since it is rich in nutrients, it is also a good soil conditioner for farmers as it adds nitrogen to the soil. Red Clover is a beneficial plant for bees and other pollinators as well. It is a small plant, only living 1-3 years. The lovely little blooms can range in color from pink to dark red and grows in a dome-shaped flower cluster. The plant has spread across much of North America and is common among the fields of wildflowers in many states.