From bland to glam, Gypsophila has recently enjoyed a renewed interest. Gyp has transitioned from a “filler flower”, to off the market, and then finally to a “star flower.” Also known as Baby’s Breath, they are little white flower bundles that now often come together for wedding decorations in order to represent the eternal love, purity, and simplistic goodness. Warm and appealing, their inexpensiveness has finally been able to be appreciated and taken advantage of by pairing them with other flowers such as Hydrangeas, Peonies, and Roses in order to complement and enhance their beauty.

Originally thought of with a negative connotation with higher-end designers, Gyp was extremely popular with traditional florists about 25 years ago, until it lost its favoritism and growers instead turned to other flowers such as Hypericum. However, a few years ago Gyp made its comeback more respected than ever as wedding designers embraced this flower to include in their arrangements. White always plays an important role in the wedding ceremony, regardless of where you are in the world. Gyp started off as a convenient filler to showcase other flowers included with it until it was later added to help balance and enrich the other flowers in a positive light, as it possessed its own beauty and role in the bouquet.

While Gyp proves to be a perfect flower to accompany additional flowers, it also stands beautifully on its own, as its snowy, cloudy mass appeals and invites the guests’ eyes especially at weddings. These genuinely crisp and lacey looking clusters come together for a romantically pure feeling, as it becomes an affordable option to capture the light and airy atmosphere of any wedding, bridal bouquet, centerpiece, or big or small vase anywhere. Gyp originally required an old-fashioned, outdated, or discounted taste that was featured in many supermarket bouquets. Recently, this specific product now demonstrates much bigger and finer small flowers, as its gorgeous consistency and concentration turn into a white winter wonderland when in bulk. Its versatility is unmatched, as it can finally be featured in stunning chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling, decorative wedding chairs, to creative wreaths or wedding arches while no longer being frowned upon. Now, Gyp is praised for its pure intensity and unique ability to shine and sparkle as a positive addition to any wedding in any area of the venue, including the heart of the bride and guests.

Almost twenty years ago the variety ‘Million Stars’ was introduced, which at the time, revolutionized the Gyp market. Back then, Gyp was seen as a commodity item, and it wasn’t considered as a serious contender for wedding decorators. Today, there are several breeders on the market and there are some awesome new varieties in the pipeline.

It’s an understatement when we say that “Gyp is back”!

What other flower do you think will enjoy a big comeback in years to come?

Photos courtesy of Danziger and The Fine Flowers Company UK LTD

The picture of this beautiful church was made in an Ecuadorian church. The florist was “Cayetano Uribe and Mónica Sevilla, Cayetano Y Mónica Decoraciones”. Additional credit goes to “Florsani”.
Photo credits are as follows:
Andrés Zanipattini. Quito, Ecuador
William Castellanos. Quito, Ecuador
Raynner Alba. Cuenca, Ecuador
Manuela Ruiz. Quito, Ecuador
Adriana & Christian, Adriana Ortiz and Christian Brückmann. Guayaquil, Ecuador