Tiny Flower Boat

During a recent trip to Holland, we found the Tiny Flower Boat, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Holland may be a small country with a population of only around 17 million people, but it is the flower capital of the world, home to the world’s largest flower auction in Aalsmeer. The Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the world’s third-largest building by footprint, covering a whopping 128 acres, is an incredibly busy place selling an average of 20 million flowers a day from all over the world!

Just a few minutes from the Aalsmeer Flower Auction you can visit the Aalsmeer Historical Gardens and enjoy the scenic views of the Westeinderplassen (the lake in Aalsmeer), as well as eat a delightful meal at the historic Het Tuinhuis Restaurant, which roughly translates to “The Garden House”. Since it is located on the lake, it is a popular stop for tourists and locals alike. From the end of the jetty outside of the restaurant and the botanical garden is the latest addition to the Holland flower scene, we found the “Tiny Flower Boat”.

The Tiny Flower Boat seats up to 10 people and is a perfect gathering spot for intimate business meetings for members of the floral industry or anyone interested in experiencing the unique atmosphere. Breeders, growers, floral exporters, and floral shops all gather on the Tiny Flower Boat to exchange ideas and to discuss trends, colors, and new products. There are vases on board for a grower to display flowers they have to offer. The boat is covered and has doors that close fully which allows it to sail in almost any weather condition, so it is open to visitors most of the year. Since its inception, it has garnered much interest from the public; who wouldn’t be fascinated with this adorable little boat floating by?

Jan de Boer is the proprietor of the vessel. He has been in the floral industry for many years and has been involved in the different aspects of the supply chain, from a flying Dutchman type of wholesaler to a traveling salesperson for plant materials. Currently, he is exporting flowers to all corners of the world. His Tiny Flower Boat makes him an ambassador for the floral world and gives members of his industry a wonderful and unique platform to bring their ideas to the table with likeminded individuals.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Jan!