Amaryllis – the perfect flower – and plant! – to make a big impression!

There are many ways to make your home more inviting, but if you want to dazzle your guests, show them a display of bold and beautiful Amaryllis blooms.

The large blooms, which can reach 6”-8″ wide, sit atop a tall leafless stem. The blooms will last for quite some time and may even re-bloom in years to come. Amaryllis come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, a robust red, and a combination thereof. Amaryllis can be purchased as a plant (in the form of a bulb), or as a cut flower. Either way, they will make an eye-catching decoration when displayed on a table or mantle.

How to grow Amaryllis as a plant?

Amaryllis is one of the easier bulbs to force to bloom. The bulbs arrive in the stores “pre-chilled,” which means they’ve received the cold period required to initiate stem growth. Most of these bulbs come in their own pot, ready to plant. If not, follow these steps:

  1. Place the bulb in a flower pot (with good drainage) that’s 1/2x larger than the bulb. These flowers like to be pot bound, so don’t worry if it looks crowded. Pack a potting mix around and up the sides of the bulb to within a couple of inches of the neck of the bulb.
  2. Water the bulb well initially, then let it dry out slightly. Water sparingly until you see stems appear. As the buds and leaves appear, increase your watering. After it starts to bloom, keep the soil in the pot relatively moist.
  3. Place the pot(s) in direct sunlight in a warm room and wait for them to bloom.

Like the proverbial teapot, if you watch it, it will never boil, or bloom, in this case. Over the next few weeks, your amaryllis will send up long pointed leaves, but then you’ll wonder if it will ever flower! It will. Just be patient and keep watering, as suggested above. When it does bloom, it will do so with a bang, producing a large, beautiful bloom (or two and maybe even three); hopefully, just in time for your special occasion.

Below are some pictures of 3 new varieties on the market this season: Sonatini Balentino, Picasso, and Twinkle Star.

Amaryllis Sonatini Balentino Amaryllis Sonatini Balentino

Amaryllis Picasso Amaryllis Picasso

Amaryllis Twinkle Star Amaryllis Twinkle Star