Red Roses

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, we wanted to share some information regarding the color of the flower.

Are you looking for the perfect flower to show that special someone how much he or she means to you this Valentine’s Day? A bouquet of red Roses is probably what’s popping up in your mind. And hey, we’re with you! Nothing says “I love you” quite like red Roses. After all, they exemplify everlasting love and passion… but did you know that red isn’t your only option when picking Roses for your beloved?

For a thoughtful and surprising way to express your love this Valentine’s Day, pick up one of these romantic red Rose alternatives:

Super SunYellow Roses: While yellow Roses aren’t your typical romantic blooms, they symbolize a youthful passion, making them a wonderful choice to gift your sweetheart. Did you know that in Victorian times, yellow Roses symbolized jealousy, while today they represent friendship, joy, and caring?

We have included a picture of Super Sun.


PiacerePurple Roses: Looking to make your Valentine feel extra special this year? Roses that are lilac or purple indicate effortless elegance and can be used to make your special someone feel like a true royal.

We are displaying a picture of Piacere.



Sweet UniquePink Roses: Pink Roses betoken grace and gratitude, making an arrangement of these more whimsical and romantic than you think!

We have included a picture of Sweet Unique.




ProudWhite Roses: When you want to say “I’m the one for you,” look no further than white Roses. Pure white Roses offer a dazzling message of sincere love, purity, and reverence to your bouquet, making them an excellent pick for a partner who you love with all your heart and soul.

We have included a picture of Proud, which happens to be our Rose of the Month for February!

AmsterdamCoral Roses: If you want to add a touch of passion to your bouquet but don’t want to go the route of ‘red,’ coral Roses should be your top pick. Much like red Roses, coral Roses express enduring desire.

We have included a picture of Amsterdam, which is probably the most famous coral Rose in the market today.


LemonadeGreen Roses: green signifies the color of life and abundant growth, and constant rejuvenation of the spirit. It signifies cheerfulness and new beginnings. Did you know that green is also the color of envy? Of course, the positive expressions of the green Rose far outweigh the negative. Green is pleasing to the eye and signifies balance, stability, and peace to the mind.

We are displaying a picture of Lemonade.

LumiaOrange Roses: often stands for desire, fascination, energy, and enthusiasm. Use this bold color for a burst of energy! If you’re looking for a way to express admiration and attraction then send a vase filled with orange Roses! Check out the picture of Lumia!




No matter which shade you go for, Roses make for the perfect compliment to pay to your true love this Valentine’s Day!

Of course, we also wanted to include a few pictures of some prominent red Roses available in the market today:



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